There is something haunting and mysterious about many of the locations I visit and I try to express this in my photographs. The peace and tranquility often mask a troubled and  violent past and many are believed to be haunted by murderous or grief stricken spirits.

Travelling by motorcycle, most are visited during winter time when trees are bare and lifeless and shadows are long and foreboding.

I established my full time event photography business in 2002 which I thoroughly enjoy. However my overwhelming passion is for black and white photography. I love how the unreality of  black and white can combine with the ethereal glow of  infra red to create an eerie and surreal feel in a photograph.

I am delighted that photographs have been used to illustrate book covers by authors such as P. D James and Ruth Rendell and all are represented by specialist stock photography agencies.

All the images are available to purchase as an original black and white printed photograph.

I hope you enjoy viewing the photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Matt Nuttall (ARPS)

tel: 0161 763 0044 / 07793 818 021


Please note that images may appear pixellated on your monitor as quality has been reduced for the web. The contrast and brightness haven't been adjusted for your particular computer screen so may appear inferior to that of the actual image.